What tile is better for balcony?


As we all know, when we decorate, we basically need to lay tile everywhere, such as living room, bedroom, toilet, and balcony. What kind of tile is better for our balcony? Generally speaking, the cost of balcony tile is much lower than that of our interior. This is because of the material problem, so it is suitable for balcony. What ceramic tile is better, Xiaobian today to give you a detailed introduction!

What tile is better for balcony

The brick

Open-body brick is made of rock debris by high pressure pressing. After surface polishing, its hardness is lower than that of stone, and its water absorption rate is lower, and its wear resistance is better. The surface of the brick is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and the back are the same, so it is named. Although there are still seepage tiles and other varieties, but relatively speaking, its color is not as good as glazed tiles. Most of the anti-skid bricks belong to open-body bricks. It is generally applicable to halls, corridors and outdoor walkways and other floors, rarely used on the wall.

Glazed tile

Glazed tile means that the surface of the brick has been treated by firing glaze. The pattern of glazed tile is more abundant than polished brick, and it plays an anti-fouling role. But because of the glaze used on the surface of glazed tile, it has no wear resistance of polished tile. The greatest advantage of glazed tile is anti-seepage, not afraid of dirt, most of the glazed tile anti-skid degree is very good, and glazed tile surface can also be fired a variety of patterns, style is more diverse. Although the wear resistance of glazed tiles is slightly worse than that of vitrified tiles, the wear resistance of qualified products can absolutely meet the needs of family use. The application scope of glazed tile is kitchen, bathroom balcony, etc.

Polishing brick

Polished bricks refer to bricks that have been polished and polished. Compared with the planar roughness of the brick, the polished brick is much smoother. Polished bricks have very high hardness and wear resistance. On the basis of the application of seepage technology, polished bricks can produce a lot of stone-like and wood-like effects. Polished tiles are popular with consumers because of their hardness, wear resistance and suitable for large-scale indoor and outdoor paving. But the concave and convex air holes left by polishing bricks in the process of manufacture will contain dirt and dirt, which makes the surface easy to infiltrate pollutants. It is more suitable for other rooms except toilets and kitchens.

Vitrified brick

Vitrified brick is a kind of bright brick, which is made by grinding the surface of brick body, and belongs to one kind of brick body. Ceramic tiles with water absorption less than 0.5% are called vitrified tiles. Polished tiles with water absorption less than 0.5% are also vitrified tiles (only polished tiles are not vitrified tiles with water absorption higher than 0.5%). Then vitrified polished tiles can be obtained by mirror polishing of vitrified tiles. Because of the low water absorption, their hardness is relatively high and they are not easy to scratch.

The above is about what kind of products are better to choose when decorating the balcony floor, which is also a concern of many consumers. So the products used for the balcony floor decoration must have the following characteristics: moisture-proof and cold-resistant, sunscreen and corrosion-resistant.

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